Success Stories


"I've been wearing glasses or contact lenses since I was 12, and was seeing 20/500 or so before Dr. Weitz fitting me with 'Ortho-K' lenses.  Now, I have good vision for 12 hours at a stretch without any lenses at all.  Dr. Weitz is enthusiastic, well-informed about the latest developments, and very conscientious.  I'm sending my family to him."

Baird Straughan


"Dr. Weitz is amazing.  My daughter improved her vision from -4.00 to low plus in less than a week."

L.C. Wang


"My daughter has enjoyed more freedom with Ortho-K with Dr. Weitz.  She has normal vision during the day.  We feel it is really fortunate that this technology is available to her through Dr. Weitz."

Yigao Liang


"I have worn glasses since I was seven years old.  They were always uncomfortable and interfered with sports and other outside activities.  When I switched to contact lenses in my twenties, it was a big improvement.  However, I had to wear hard contact lenses because of my vision.  These still interfered with my woodworking hobby and with dust in general.  Ortho-K has been a great improvement in my life.  I no longer have to wear lenses during the day and I have no discomfort during the evening and night when I do wear the lenses.  The clarity of vision is also amazing.  More importantly, Dr. Weitz and his staff have treated me wonderfully.  His expertise and professionalism are outstanding and he is truly concerned with his patient's well-being.  I strongly recommend him if you're interested in this procedure which is painless and effective."

John Ward

Economist, National Marine Fishery Service

"As a pilot, my vision is very important to me .  I noticed that my vision was getting worse as I got older.  Ortho-K has a definite advantage over Lasik and other similar surgical procedures.  It was a non permanent 100% performance alternative.  Thanks, Doc."

Ken S.


"These lenses are more comfortable and convenient than glasses or soft contact lenses.  I don't have to worry about losing my contacts or breaking my glasses during the day.  It's nice knowing that I won't have to crawl around on the floor looking for my soft lenses after fruitlessly rubbing my eyes to lessen the discomfort."

Emily Nagle

Student, 15 years old

"Using Ortho-K, what Dr. Weitz has been able to accomplish with my eyes is nothing short of miraculous .  I've worn glasses my whole life and now have good vision and no need for reading glasses."

Eric Cumming

Builder and Developer

"The new lenses have really helped me see clearly without any trouble or impediment. Especially for a high school baseball player, it is very important to see the ball clearly and not have to deal with dryness, itching, dust and other contact lens problems during the game.  I am now seeing better than 20/20 and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Andrew Yin

High School student and baseball player