Procedure & Fees

The following video is about the NightLens or Wave Design.

I use many  methods   to get optimum results for my patients. However, NightLens is one of my favorite approaches. Each cornea is unique.  It's just like a finger print. We use a special digital camera to "finger print" your cornea to design a custom lens that perfectly fits your eye and prescription.


The NightLens is excellent for patients who have higher prescriptions and/or moderate astigmatism.

The difference between Wave and the other fitting techniques is that the NightLens generally  more closely matches the curve of the cornea.  I believe, this allows us to get faster molding.  We can also do more sophisticated molds.  With astigmatic corneas we can actually mold the cornea to a different extent in one plane vs. another.

Our Providers


Fees for a routine eye examination vary from $109 to $166
The higher fee includes a visual field screening and an optomap (retinal imaging)
If exam was done within previous six months,  fee is $25 for a refraction
If patient is transferring from another office, fee for Ortho-K evaluation and follow up varies
from an additional $499 to full fee (as below) depending on whether refitting is necessary.

Includes all visits & molds for one year 
Spherical low to mid-powers and low astigmatism$2500
Higher powers, farsightedness and moderate to higher astigmatism$3100

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